As he winds around Topanga Canyon Boulevard, John Doe notices that the mists are heavier than usual, especially for early evening. Still, he takes the curves faster than he should, slowing down only for a peacock crossing the road--a male missing a few tail feathers. He double-parks in front of a white stucco house, straightens his collar, and strides inside to exchange perfunctory greetings with some vaguely bohemian partygoers. David Lynch slouches on a gold suede sofa. Robert Redford waves from across the living room. A terminally tanned blonde in a white silk shirt offers Doe a joint. He declines politely, wondering if it's laced with Botox. Looking around the room, Doe finds his exit: a sliding glass door. He ducks through and slips back to his car unnoticed. An hour later, he's home, pulling a beer out of the fridge and picking up his... More >>>