My recent, much-needed vacation at the Shady Acres Home for Frazzled Critics accorded me time to think upon the deeper aspects of art and man's modern condition. Consider as fruit of this respite my new hypothesis that there are two main source-springs for artistic inspiration. Make that three. One of them is the oozy inspiration of good criticism, which humble artists sprinkle like fertilizer over the scrub gardens of their own creations in the hope that something worthy will grow. The other two I'll modestly label the Freudian and the Jungian. Freud, the Viennese degenerate, reveled in the baser parts of the psyche--its fascination with sex and the body. Mannerly Jung of Switzerland, meanwhile, saw the psyche as a web affected by those internal factors and by external events and relationships; in a poetic moment, he called this external stuff "day residue." In the current exhibition at Midway Contemporary Art, visiting French artists Brice Dellsperger and Jean-Luc Verna seem to talk Jungian,... More >>>