Genre be damned: Whitesand/Badlands are a rock back with a solid core. With a drum intro that segues into a near-post-rock ambience, Whitesand/Badlands kick off their first official release. By the time Andy Larson takes the microphone, "Blank Czech" has already solidified itself as a piece of spacey rock too focused for shoegaze and too eerie for post-punk; think what might happen if Fugazi shifted attention away from the guitar. "Blank Czech" progresses and expands, hitting its grooves only to shift away before settling on a melody in the final minute. Sure, there are vocals, but they're far from the central point of the song. On "Humans #1," the three guitarists play off one another while Larson offers a steady harmony to keep the song moving forward. When Casey Holmgren's bass kicks off the chord progression, the song builds like waves on an ocean. Instead of a final crash, though, the waves rebound, retaining the wall of guitars but with Katie Grillaert commandeering the microphone as the song deconstructs... More >>>