It's an unusually busy night in the First Avenue men's room. No, the club's patrons aren't experiencing a diarrhea epidemic. Those coming into the cavernous room's bright lights to get this or that out of their system have to circumvent the two dozen or so folks assembled near the radiator, all gazing raptly at the spot opposite the urinals where two men are making, Techno, even--not unlike what's playing in the larger, Woody McBride-driven room next door, but considerably more raw, as befits the venue. One of the men manipulates a GameBoy controller that's plugged into a boombox. Notoriously reclusive local musician John Crozier (of Ninian Hawick and Shebrews fame) watches from a perch on the radiator with a hunting cap pulled over his face. Standing nearby, the crowd's sole woman, is electronic artist Dolores Dewberry, defiantly oblivious to the guys streaming into the men's... More >>>