Knol Tate knows how to put an outfit together. Not a band, because he really isn't in a band. (You see, the group he plays in, Askeleton, is one of those "projects" where one guy writes and records by himself on his iMac and hires extra musicians for the live set.) I'm referring to the uppercase Outfit, the one rock stars and teenage girls acknowledge as the true artistic grail: the perfect coordination of costume from head to toe. Tate is tall and skinny (a skeleton, get it?), and he wears a gorgeously worn-in pair of jeans, a light-violet collared shirt under a green striped sweater, and a note-perfect pair of blue-and-yellow Nike Internationalist running shoes ('86?). And he doesn't cheat by aping what the mannequin is wearing at the Gap. Tate is a... More >>>