As the clock ticks closer to their 9:00 p.m. set time, the band begins to fidget. Amy Eicher, vocalist/acoustic guitarist for Jack Gandydancer, plops down on an overturned speaker cabinet, stretches her long legs out in front of her, and plays with her short, spiky blond hair. She repeatedly tugs at her sleeveless blouse as if she's developed an allergy to the shimmering fabric. To her right, bassist Richard Morgan perches on the only stool in the room. With a shaved head and a neck that drops in a straight line from the base of his skull, this isn't a guy you want to spill your beer on. But his Vin Diesel-esque exterior is compromised by a pair of cheeks that become increasingly flushed as the minutes go by. Chuck Nelson, the other vocalist/guitarist in the band, stands up and begins rocking back and forth on the heels of his shoes. Both Morgan and Nelson--who wear nearly identical black sport coats over open-collar gray shirts, as if they've been torn from twin pages of a J. Crew catalog--glance anxiously... More >>>