Minnesota is slowly turning more Louisianan all the time, although you couldn't tell by the weather or the food or the drinks or the wildlife or the flora or the language or the Mardi Gras celebrations. Football teams, either. Hell, Minnesota isn't anything like Louisiana except for a few Katrina refugees and the great bands that have crept upriver at an increasing pace in recent years. Such as BeauSoleil—that capital "s" in the middle is still annoying—returning to town just over a month since its last visit, this time at the Dakota. Yeah, so what of it? BeauSoleil is the best contemporary Cajun band, period—and one of the greatest bands of our time, a band impossible to get enough of. Want proof? Listen to Michael Doucet and company doing just two songs: Dewey Balfa's "Parlez-Nous Á Boire" and Michael's Cajunized version of "Louie, Louie." If you're not carousing around the room after two bars of either, check the obits to see if you're... More >>>