Should she ever tire of creating conceptual art, painter and installation artist Melissa Stang might find work in retail. Her latest show, "Homo Domesticus," at the Minnesota Artists Gallery of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts reveals an ingenuity at laying out interior space that could translate into a job positioning end-caps at Mervyn's. On a recent hot Monday, the 41-year-old Stang proudly shows off her latest installation, which has split the gallery into several distinct display areas. Tall and elegant, with curly brown hair pinned up, Stang provides a walking tour of the room. In the back left corner, she has created a mock living room, replete with oriental rugs, velvet couches, tables, and dishes hung on the wall. On the adjacent right and left walls, Stang has mounted traditional gallery trappings like artist's statements. Elsewhere, she has created a two-dimensional wall painting composed of decorated flat panels. Finally, a half-dozen pedestals hold sculptural objects--colorful plastic trash cans of a Target vintage on which she has painted and drawn common... More >>>