ONE COROLLARY EFFECT of the Brian Herron extortion scandal--hyperbolically named "Herrongate" in some circles--is that everyone is suddenly very curious about what goes on at Minneapolis's city hall. While no one has quite doped out the Manchurian events following Herron's resignation, the welter of documents subpoenaed by the U.S. Attorney and requested by media outlets do yield a few gems. Like, for instance, these talking points, discovered among the piles of official documents requested by news media, including Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton's interoffice correspondence. Presumably prepared in the mayor's office, these notes appear to outline Sayles Belton's comments during the July 18 press conference held by her and city council president Jackie Cherryhomes. They're not the Pentagon Papers. But a quick parsing may shed light on how the mayor, in the week after Herron's guilty plea, managed to spin the situation so completely to... More >>>