The Prince fantasy: We got up to Paisley Park at about 2:00 a.m. We were juiced. Peaches had stayed up all night painting the school bus we rented and her thighs and arms were all purple and lavender. The parking lot was empty and we weren't even sure if he was there. This whole thing was pretty much an act of absurd, idiotic faith--we had, as they say, suspended the ethical. This only made it sweeter. We marched up to the front door carrying our massive signs--EMBRACE RELEVANCE! YOU'RE STILL HECK-A-SLAMMIN'! GET UR FREAK ON! We chanted until we were def: "Purple funkadelia! Purple funkadelia!" Boutros said he thought he saw a light switch on in one of the upstairs windows and someone joked that maybe he was gonna invite us all in for starfish and coffee. And we went nuts until a couple of bodyguards, dudes with barrel chests and Afros and cashmere pants, came out and told us to leave or they were... More >>>