CAMERAS PANNED THE CROWDS of bereaved rockers lighting candles for poor doomed Kurt's burned-out spirit in 1994. Yet hardly anyone noticed the tiny nation of sweater-vested, singles-hoarding, post-hardcore kids mourning the passing of daintily eclectic combos Shrimp Boat and the Coctails, a year before and after. Fortunately, Shrimp Boat singer/guitarist Sam Prekop and bassist Eric Claridge (joined by ex-Coctails guitarist Archer Prewitt and Tortoise drummer John McEntire) soothed their followers' sad hearts by hastily assembling the Sea and Cake, a supergroup for people who smirk when they say that word. Since then, the combo's gently tunelike structures have filled a niche as a romantic backdrop of choice, even as their early, gangly flailing has been smoothed down into an airy,... More >>>