Since September 1, when she opened her specialty skin-care shop, Autumn Williams has been busy tending to the little details. Appearances, after all, are important in the beauty racket. Her shop, the Refinery, is housed in a smallish warren of rooms in the second story of an old store in Dinkytown. It has a clean, spare feel. A fresh coat of yellow paint covers the walls. Tasteful, natural slate countertops have been installed. Brand-new linoleum flooring has been laid. The tools of the trade are on display as well: three brand-new massage tables, a $1,000 facial steamer, and row after row of carefully arranged bottles of exfoliants, creams, and lotions. All told, the 29-year-old Williams figures she has invested some $10,000 in start-up costs. And so far, she says, business has been reasonably good. "I can't complain. I covered the rent the first month, and that's a start," she says enthusiastically. "Of course, it takes awhile for... More >>>