There are two men and one of them is bald and the other is wearing sandals, and this is the sweetest, bestest pop band of the 1980s and they are making a new record--and who will care? This was no small question as Aussie icons Robert Forster and Grant McLennan broke out their acoustic guitars for a little three-song set at the offices of a Manhattan music-biz dotcom in mid-August. Both seemed a little nervous, but as one group of Go-Betweens acolytes, Beat Happening, once sang, "Look around!" Look around--the mean age of the crowd here is, wow, 23. All little indie kids in their too-small sweaters and requisite tennies. And they are rapt, even when the bald one misses notes and both seem a bit post-traumatic. And what would the kids' current faves like Sleater-Kinney or Quasi think of all this? Well, they're fans just like the ones in that room, only really lucky fans, 'cause this past year both found themselves playing and singing on the legendary Go-Betweens' first... More >>>