In 1995, Oprah was skinny, O.J. was on trial, and for some reason Fran Drescher had her own TV show. Hollywood might have been an insufferable bore back then, but music was a teeming jungle of enchantment. Bands like Pearl Jam, Jane's Addiction, Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden kept radio waves buzzing with ferocity—even if those fuzzy riffs did sound a lot alike after a few beers. One '90s outfit that was instantly recognizable was Irish quartet the Cranberries. You couldn't come within 10 feet of a strip mall or high school parking lot without catching an earful of pixie frontwoman Dolores O'Riordan's unmistakable yodel, woven through trebly guitar on sweetly melodic hits like "Linger" and "Dreams" or wrapped around the political punch of "Zombie." This month, the Cranberries get back to it after seven years apart, their singer having made a last-minute decision to forgo her solo tour in support... More >>>