It was all good, clean fun until the guy in the koala suit showed up. On the evening of March 29, 1999, Minneapolis pop-punkers Dillinger Four played their first headlining gig at First Avenue, recruited as a replacement for the canceled Sleater-Kinney. For at least a few unsuspecting fans of the waylaid post-riot-grrrl trio, Dillinger Four must have felt something like finding your little brother's muddy footprints and green army men all over your white canopy bed. The boys had been singing their winningly snotty three-part harmonies fully clothed until a man in a ratty, cream-yellow bear suit barreled onstage to tackle burly bass player "St. Patrick" Costello, wrestling him to the floor. Soon the singer from the Murder City Devils was holding Costello's bass, attacking the strings with drum sticks and yelling,... More >>>