It's gorgeous outside. The perfect day for a walk in the park. So John Loes is ambling down what he jokingly refers to as "the road to nowhere"--a smooth, freshly laid swath of blacktop just off Anoka County Highway 116 east of the Rum River, on the northern edge of Anoka's city limits. Part of the new road arcs into the parking lot of the nearly completed Rum River branch of the Anoka County Library. A second segment--the aforementioned road to nowhere--extends beyond the library about 30 yards, then comes to a dead end at the entrance to what has long been known as Rum River Park North. At least that's how the signs on the nearby foot trails refer to the scenic, 320-acre mix of oak savanna, pine forest, grassland, and marsh. But a few years ago development-minded city officials, eyeballing the park for its real estate potential, began referring to the place by a different name--one that conjures images of a tony subdivision:... More >>>