Scrambling down a muddy embankment along the Mississippi River in north Minneapolis, Randy Kouri gestures toward a 14-inch-diameter plastic drain pipe jutting from the earth. "That's where all that crap was all running out, right into the river," he says. As Kouri examines the salt-dappled concrete slabs and rocks below the pipe, an indignant expression crosses his weather-beaten face. Since 1974 he has lived on the river's edge, on nearby Marshall Avenue, and has long been active in efforts to clean up the industrialized riverfront. He has been especially concerned about the enormous piles of road salt--sometimes as much as 100,000 tons of the stuff--that are stored here at Upper Harbor River Terminal. But what Kouri didn't know until recently, what very few people knew, was that runoff from the salt piles had been releasing a well-known poison into... More >>>