For most of his 53 years, logger Dave Glowaski has extracted a living from the vast tracts of woodland in the Superior National Forest. It has always been a hardscrabble business, he says, one that routinely puts small-time operators like himself at odds with timber mills, banks, and the government. But Glowaski, who is also mayor of the tiny Arrowhead-region town of Orr, has become increasingly worried of late about the fate of his livelihood. He points to the dramatic nationwide decline in timber sales on federal land during the last decade; and he is alarmed by the intensifying calls by environmentalists to ban all logging in national forests--a daunting prospect for lumberjacks in the Orr area, where about 60 percent of logged timber comes from what he refers to as "the Superior." "We're just trying to save our way of life," Glowaski says. "We... More >>>