Earlier this week, I emailed host Ian Rans, asking him what is up with the season premiere of his show. First Avenue had been referring to it as a "bonanza," but the details were a little vague as to what prompted the use of the b-word. His response was that the approaching 48 hours would be a whirlwind of planning, but what they had going already was pretty cool. First, regulars from Vilification Tennis, the group that lobs "Yo momma" jokes as casually as tennis balls, will be in attendance. The Mustache Rangers, who fight for truth, justice, and the American way from outer space while growing handlebar mustaches, will be taking a break from podcasting to drink with Ian as well. Post-punk/grime band Guystorm and indie rockers the Brutes are slated to perform. In addition, there will be a screening... More >>>