Finding a Northeast Minneapolis bar closed on a hot Saturday night might seem like a sure sign of the apocalypse to most locals. But singer Tulip Sweet and members of her cabaret folk-glam band Trail of Tears take disappointments in stride. They'd hoped to prepare for a five-shows-in-seven-days "Minneapolis Tour" by unwinding in My Place. Now, forced by a locked door to improvise, they huddle together in the adjacent parking lot, passing around cans of Hamm's to catch a light buzz before departing for tonight's planned appearance at Bedlam Theatre's studio. Sweet, a.k.a. Stephanie Dickson, waves her drink to me in welcome, proudly telling anyone who'll listen that the star on her hat marks her as a commie. In fact, the 27-year-old looks more like a flapper lost in the Seventies, and her combination of styles reveals a bit of the theatrical flair and sexual freedom that are integral to her stage persona. Dickson took her moniker, she says, because she thought it sounded like... More >>>