Communism in America is still an open wound. Memoirs continue to pour from the opened FBI and European archives as well as the second and third generations of red scare veterans, and even those old foes Alger Hiss and Whittaker Chambers are going at it once again. (Sam Tanenhaus's massive, well-received Chambers biography garnered critical raves two years back; Tony Hiss's memories of his father are set to appear next month.) Perhaps more surprising, all the old tricks of media manipulation have come into play as well: Apparently attempting to win our hearts and minds, ABC reportedly skewed coverage of crowd reactions to Elia Kazan's honorary Oscar so as to minimize the size of what was by many accounts a substantial protest. And let us not forget the letters column and the op-ed pages of our nation's newspapers, the last bastions for notions like "Red China" and "the Communist menace," where true believers can weigh in about America's need to stand firm. You thought the Cold War was... More >>>