The best news these days seems to be that the world may have abandoned its breakneck freefall into the abyss, in favor of a more leisurely slide downward. Picking which calamitous trends to lampoon for the Brave New Workshop's latest satiric salvo meant choosing from an embarrassment of riches. "In the brainstorming process that came first, it was exhausting for me personally this time around, with all the depressing things we were talking about," said cast member Ellie Hino last week. "From North Korea to Susan Boyle, we spent lots of time looking at the news. But we kept coming back to Kim Jong Il, and Iran. And, obviously, Jon and Kate." The resultant show does indeed cover a wide spectrum of the world's ills, from the spine-tingling to the simply icky. Hino does a lot of heavy lifting, including a quick-change duality between Kate Gosselin and cinematic sexpot Megan Fox. "I'm not known for my impressions or anything like that," Hino says. "I just started doing those characters made... More >>>