The sun has yet to rise in Hopkins on a Wednesday in late fall as a group of 40 people gather outside the drab concrete building that houses Alliant Techsystems. Employees of the military contractor--dressed for winter, clutching either briefcases or McDonald's carry-out--scuttle past the group standing in the parking lot, past the picket signs that read "No More Land Mines." They've gotten used to the motley collection of members of Veterans for Peace, Women Against Military Madness, college students, and others who object to the business of the manufacturing plant. (In addition to land mines, Alliant makes the Objective Individual Combat Weapon, a combined rifle and grenade launcher designed to replace the army's M-16 rifle.) The crowd convenes every Wednesday at 7 a.m. across the street from Alliant's entrance. A step onto its grounds means trespassing and... More >>>