Reclining on a swath of brittle, impossibly green Astroturf in the Minnesota Vikings' field house at Winter Park, David Dixon winces slightly as he works over an ache in his shoulder. The injury, aptly known as a stinger, arises from a compression of nerves in the neck. It is a familiar cause of annoyance among professional football players. Dixon, the Vikings' hulking right guard, acquired his stinger during his team's disheartening loss at Tampa Bay, and despite a chiropractor's efforts, the discomfort has lingered on through a midweek practice. Four days from now, he'll aggravate the injury and be forced to sit out the fourth quarter of the Saints game, but for the time being only a hint of discomfort is etched on his face; Dixon has spent too many years sweating it out on the sidelines, the practice squads, and the waiver wire to give the... More >>>