In an effort to expand his fanbase, comedian Gary Gulman gave away digital copies of his last album, No Can Defend, earlier this year. He's not quite sure how it worked out. "I have no idea," he says. "I thought it was very generous of me, and everybody took advantage of it." These days, he's focused on building a new hour. "I'm doing material now that's not on any of my albums or my specials. It's all new," he states. "At the end I take requests from the audience. I do a little over an hour of the new stuff I want to put into my next special, and then I take 15 minutes of requests." Those requests vary depending on the audience. "Last night it was something from my last special, and then there were some people who wanted to hear jokes that are from my first album, which came out nine years ago." Last Comic Standing-era Gary Gulman? "Yeah," he laughs. "They love the cookie jokes. And the grapefruit. That's my 'Born to Run.'" Joe List... More >>>