Humorously ruminating over regional eccentricities of Minnesota Yuletides, acclaimed storyteller Kevin Kling's Tales from the Charred Underbelly of the Yule Log has become, ironically enough, a much loved Twin Cities holiday tradition. Demonstrating his knack as a captivating and charismatic monologist, Kling recalls chaotic Christmas gatherings, reveling in details instantly recognizable to generations of Minnesotans. Interspersing experienced wit with earned sentiment, Kling doesn't dwell within nostalgia so much as court audiences on the potential wonder of the season. Assisting him in this endeavor are returning guests Dan Chouinard and Simone Perrin, who provide musical accompaniment when not taking the spotlight for their own laughter-inducing observations. Rounding out the presentation is a merrily unruly set of Christmas tunes from 10-piece band the Brass Messengers. Like any fine craftsman of riveting yarns, Kling uses his personal history to make a universal connection, demonstrating that even the most dire of holiday traditions can eventually make for affectionately hilarious... More >>>