Zoo animals to Minn. lawmakers: Keep funding us so we don't die


Minnesota Zoo staffers and their animal friends will take over the State Capitol today. While the event is an annual "Thank You" celebration for the Zoo for their continued support from the state, this year it feels more like a survival plea.

The zoo is bringing cockroaches, chinchillas, and tarantulas to the Capitol at noon, according to the Star Tribune

The zoo receives about $7 million a year from the state, which makes up about 35 percent of their operating budget. And when Gov. Tim Pawlenty and state lawmakers are trying to cut $5.27 billion from the budget, anything could be on the chopping block. 

Just a little piece of advice for the zoo: It might be more effective to bring cute cuddly animals instead of the nasty creatures many people could live without. Save the cockroaches or save the baby monkey? When lawmakers are so willing to slash school budgets during this economic crisis, cockroaches might be put on the back burner.