Zombie Wisconsin deerhunters decapitating quarry? [Updated]

Found one!

Found one!

Since the last week of October, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource officers have reported six cases of mysterious deer decapitation in Oconto County.

The seemingly obvious explanation is that there is an outbreak of deer zombieism in northeastern Wisconsin, and the cloven-hoofed beasts are being decapitated by some zombie-style big buck hunter. But DNR officers haven't settled on a theory on the influx of headlessness.


"Whether it be for a trophy or proof of kill we don't know exactly what's going on," the DNR's Mike Stahl told WLUK-TV.

Only two were clearly shot, meaning officials are also still trying to determine the causes of death.

In the meantime, the DNR is asking that anyone in the public with information come forward in hopes of preventing any future deer decapitation. Update: The DNR has received reports of a "couple" more headless deer discovered in Octonto County this morning, says Byron Goetsch, regional warden with the DNR.

"I'm not sure how many," says Goetch, adding, "My guess is that there's a couple more we might find in the area as well."

Goetch suggests it's possible that at least some of the deer may have been hit by cars, then decapitated by some passerby who wanted the antlers as a trophy.

Zomebieism is still the leading theory at City Pages.