Zombie-obsessed students meet Saturday to make apocalypse plan

Zombie-obsessed students meet Saturday to make apocalypse plan
Photo by Jayel Aheram

Earlier this month we told you about a group of interesting (to say the least) students who are a little obsessed with zombies. They're so convinced zombies will attack that they have a "Zombie Plan Meeting" set up tomorrow to discuss how the University of Minnesota would respond to such a takeover.

We can't say they won't be prepared. If you're concerned about your own safety when the zombies come for you, you can attend too. Just plan to attend a fully orchestrated event to please the Star Tribune's video folks.

Details on the event:
Saturday, March 28, 2009
7:00pm - 11:55pm
Middlebrook Hall, 412 22nd Ave S Minneapolis
Contact: [email protected]

Here's the odd thing. According to their Facebook invite, the group was originally just going to watch a movie. But the Star Tribune contacted them about doing a video report and visuals of people watching movies (even zombie films) is pretty boring.

So now the group is amping up their event to please the Strib. Ever heard of creating the news?

From the invite:

I got a call today from the STAR TRIBUNE and they are thinking about maybe doing a story about M.A.Z.E. The lady I was talking to asked when our next meeting was and when I explained to her that we only really have movie nights, she said that they were wanting to do some video of us too. That got me thinking, a video of us watching a movie is pretty boring, so why not have a serious discussion as well.

So, here's the deal I guess. If you come to this event, it is likely we will be in a video for the Star Tribune and I think in the paper as well. I will do my best to get this to happen.

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