Zombie 7 announce donation to RNC 8

The Zombie 7 say they're team players
The Zombie 7 say they're team players

In the name of team spirit, seven Minneapolis zombies faced with a $165,000 settlement say they plan to donate some of their riches to the defense of the RNC 8.

While zombies are known for brainlessness, these seven say their donation is a way to prove they're not turning into the mindless shoppers they satirized when they were arrested in 2006 on the Nicollet Mall.

There will be $4,000 for the RNC 8, a posse of anarchists defending themselves in Ramsey County against charges that they conspired to riot during the Republican National Convention.

Another $4,000 will go to Scott DeMuth, an animal rights activist indicted on federal charges in Iowa.

Zombies and anarchists need to stick together, said one of the Zombie 7, Raphi Rechitsky.

"My fellow zombies and I have come to understand that with a flip of a coin, we could have been the ones to face criminal charges on outrageous accusations of 'violence,'" he said. ""I see this money as not just compensation for my ordeal, but also money for people battling back against the punitive criminal justice system."

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