Ziffel the errant St. Paul piglet digs White Castle hash browns

Ziffel's looking for a good home.

Ziffel's looking for a good home.

What will be the fate of Ziffel, the piglet found wandering around Saturday on Reaney Avenue in St. Paul? His bacon's safe, according to St. Paul Animal Control.

If no one comes forward to claim the spunky little porker by Saturday, he's off to a friendly rescue farm. But in the meantime he's really digging his snout into White Castle hash browns.


He's also partial to apples, carrots, dog food and pretty much anything else he's offered since being dropped off, animal control supervisor Bill Stephenson told us today.

The piglet was named Ziffel by animal control staff after the a similarly precocious pig on the TV classic comedy "Green Acres."

"He's doing fine," Stephenson said. "Although we don't have any mud patches for him to roll around in."

No Zsa Zsa Gabor either, evidently.

It's not the first time Animal Control has sheltered a pig. Stephenson remembers once having to cope with a 200-pound porker. And he says the dogs on either side of Ziffel's kennel are a bit perplexed at their cloven-hoved bunkmate.

The shelter is required by law to hold any stray for a minimum of five days before passing the animal along to a rescue center. "Friday is Escape Day" for Ziffel.