Zhu Zhu motorized hamsters making kids crazy


Thanksgiving is still two weeks away and apparently some of the big holiday shopping has already hit full swing for parents. These parents likely have the whining needy children who demand one toy or their lives will be over. Apparently this year kids in the Twin Cities and around the country are screaming for a really dumb looking motorized hamster. The real thing has gone out of style, probably because you can't force a real hamster to drive a car or ride a skateboard.

KARE11 checked in with local retailers and found that the Zhu Zhu hamsters are sold out around town and stores are fielding calls immediately in the morning from desperate parents. If only kids realized how lame these hamsters were when they got them home.

The KARE11 report:

We don't exactly keep up with the toy trends, so we did some investigating. Remember seeing awesome toy commercials as a kid and thinking it looked like the best thing on earth? Zhu Zhu hamsters are sure to fool you. Just watch this cute hamster toy zoom through it's play tubes with ease. It's like having a real hamster that doesn't smell bad and actually is awake during daytime hours!

Here is what it actually does when you get it home. It jerks and hits walls and can barely get into the wheel before it decides to keep speeding through the play area. So disappointing. We thought toys would have actually improved technologically since we were wee ones, but we were terribly mistaken.

We do have to admit it's pretty impressive that the hamster can run into the hamster car garage and zoom out all stylish in a moving vehicle. Unfortunately it looks like you have to tell the hamster to drive away rather than watching a crazed mechanical toy take off for freedom.

Conclusion: Don't bother getting in on this toy craze this year. It's better to get your kids a real hamster so they can learn the sad reality of life when you find it cold and dead in its little nest, thanking God it was done living in a tiny glass cage being poked by children. But if you're still desperate, Amazon has them for the ridiculous price of $43+.