Zenon Konopka's bunny says #Yeomustgo


Zenon Konopka is a former hockey enforcer, a hired pair of fists who twice led the league in penalty minutes in a season. He spent nine years as a National Hockey League journeyman, spending parts of two with the Minnesota Wild, joining the team in the optimistic days after the signings of Zach Parise and Ryan Suter. 

Konopka also owns his own wine business, and was, despite his brutish duties, one of the wittier quotes during his tenure in the league. 

There is one other thing you should know about Zenon Konopka, and it is that he has a little black bunny named Hoppy. And Tuesday night, the two of them conferred, and determined that Minnesota Wild coach Mike Yeo — the same guy who coached Konopka during his time in St. Paul — is just not the right fit for this team.

In a tweet that depicts a rather sleepy — or is that depressed? — Hoppy already in bed, Konopka and his bunny joined the growing number of people who think Yeo's fourth season as head coach should be his last. 

— Zenon Konopka (@ZenonKonopka) February 10, 2016
One might think it was Konopka that penned the note, but no, Hoppy clearly signs his message at the bottom. Plus that looks like his handwriting. 

After a strong start to the year, the Wild have spun out, losing six straight and 11 of 12 games, including a 4-3 overtime loss to the Dallas Stars last night. If the NHL playoffs started today, the once-hot Wild would not even make the cut. 

In another tweet, Konopka says the Wild have Stanley Cup champion-caliber talent, and should expect more out of this roster. "Wasting years isn't fair to the players or fans," he writes. 

Konopka's is the more nuanced argument, but Hoppy's is the more compelling.

If you've lost a fluffy little bunny, who's still out there for you to turn to?