Zeeboid license plate: The smoking gun in the Birthornot hoax

On the trail of the Zeeboid.

On the trail of the Zeeboid.

Who is Pete Arnold, the guy who, along with his wife Alisha, launched the website and abortion poll?

He's a right wing blogger who goes by the nickname Zeeboid. The name's on the license plate of the blue Neon parked in his Apple Valley driveway, and it's the key to connecting the dots that point to this being a well orchestrated hoax.


We'll start with dkospedia, a progressive wiki page started by the Daily Kos community, where Zeeboid once trolled the "Pro-choice" entry to read:

The term "pro-choice" is used by men and women who support a woman's right to kill an unborn child. The term means that a woman has the right to determine whether or not she will be pregnant by killing a baby that has already been conceived. Also Refered to as Pro Abortion.

That post has been updated. But the Zeeboid trail is there:

This page was last modified 08:30, 30 December 2009 by dKosopedia user Nachman. Based on work by [email protected] and dKosopedia user(s) Patrick0Moran and DakotaGypsy.

Zeeboid has been blocked and flagged numerous times for pushing point-of-view editing on Wikipedia. Often, his fellow Race to the Right traveler Tony G. has tried to come to his rescue. He also hacked up the entry for former President George W. Bush. His propagandizing was caught and wiped out

Someone identified as Zeboid went through and made multiple edits. In view of his other behavior, I have reverted them all. If there was anything of genuine value he can bring his changes up point by point for discussion here. p0m 18:04, 16 July 2006 (PDT). I've now reverted all articles that Zeeboid has touched. p0m 18:19, 16 July 2006 (PDT)


Zeeboid is a regular commenter on the Gawker network of blogs, including Jalopnik, which reflects his love of American-made cars. This explains why Zeeboid fed Gawker the fake story.

The Zeeboid license plate at the Arnold residence in Apple Valley.

The Zeeboid license plate at the Arnold residence in Apple Valley.


Zeeboid from Apple Valley is a big Glenn Beck fan: On his page he reviews the Fox News performance artist's tome, "An Inconvenient Book," as "a wonderful balance of well sourced information, political commentary, and humor."


Zeeboid's YouTube channel carries the usual fare of home movie-moments, including parties and weddings, a moment where he chases seagulls to get even for shitting on his car, and Alisha skittering around a lake on an innertube. He subscribes to Glenn Beck's channel, and his favorite videos include a stable of clips mocking President Barack Obama.


Pete Arnold's Blogger profile reads:

I'm a 29 year old married guy who has a cylinder index of 30. (38 if you count engines not in cars!) A resident of Apple Valley, MN... A good time includes just about anything that includes some of those aforementioned cylinders.

On the website there's more evidence of Arnold's love for cars: A page extolling the virtues of his Plymouth Neon. The first picture shows the same blue Neon with the Zeeboid license plate we photographed, above. The woman in the picture is not his wife -- it's a picture of a member of the Minnesota Rollergirls team that's been PhotoShopped into the image.

Also at useful parenting tips:

  • Tuesday August 15: What other 'choices' are they protesting for when they say "freedom of choice?"
  • Monday August 14: War is like spanking your child. It sucks, but sometimes, you have no choice.

A little anti-Semitism:

  • Tuesday August 1: When Drunk, don't complain about Jews. They may not give you a TV Deal.

And what could be read as Zeeboid's Trolling manifesto:

Thursday August 17: Being offended is like getting presents. You are lucky when you get either from me
Star Trek

Is Zeeboid a Trekkie or a Trekker? We're going with Trekkie, after spotting this post on Zeeboid's Star Trek gamer profile:

"I am as much of a Star Trek fanboi as anyone could be."


Zeeboid can't resist a little Republicanizing, and demonstrating his command of the English language, in his CNET comments:

  • of corse its a good thing any time you go republican, its a good thing.
  • typical, can't argue, so you point out spelling typical liberal. to pull spelling into an arguement, because its the only thing you may be right on.
  • this is only a win to those who wish to do us harm like Democrats/the Left/Terrorists but you forget our constitution does not apply to forigners. no one here (but you) said anything about internmetn camps, just that our intelligence needs to do its work. and nothing the ACLU has to say will help protect the United States

And he uses that platform to launch into one of his favorite whipping boys: global climate change:

Pete Arnold, boldly going.

Pete Arnold, boldly going.

  • Wow, it really amazes me that someone so ignorant of basic science could be yelping on a CNet board...
  • But then again, the Sun probably has less to do with the earth's climate then my chevy tahoe. eh?
  • The Church of Global Warming has you.

His site will put a smile on the face of any science skeptic. Along with a deluge of the usual paranoia about brainwashing, media bias and one world government, you'll find their mission statement.

Our holy text is the 2007 IPCC report. It is the undeniable truth of Gaia's word. We urge you to come seek salvation. Buy a Prius, or better yet a horse and buggy; get rid of electrcity and other fossil fuels; and give praise to the almighty Gaia Gore and you may be saved.

Zeeboid sure is a chatty guy online, not shy about sharing his conservative opinions. Yet today, when we showed up at his front door, we were greeted by a spokesman who said that neither Zeeboid nor his wife would be coming out to speak.

Hat-Tip: Jeff Fecke, Anti-Choice Trolling Fail

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