Yvonn Lerro-Miller, prison employee, injected inmate's semen to impregnate herself

When we hear about problems of sexual conduct in prisons, this isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind.

Yvonn Noemi Lerro-Miller, a 37-year-old medical worker at the Stillwater prison, is accused of having sex with an inmate in the medical clinic and injecting his semen into her vagina in an attempt to become pregnant. Lerro-Miller was charged with two felonies for criminal sexual conduct, and has been fired from her job at the prison.

According to the criminal complaint, this is how it happened:

The romance between Lerro-Miller and the unnamed inmate traces back to Valentine's Day last year, when the inmate first began showing interest. By June, the relationship had taken form.

The two would have sex in a private room of the medical clinic while a nursing intern stood watch. The intern would signal by coughing if someone was coming (Lerro-Miller denies this part of the story).

By September, Lerro-Miller's behavior had raised suspicion, and the prison staff started an investigation, which involved eavesdropping on her phone calls.

This turned up a startling discovery:

Phone calls between D.D.A. and the defendant, as well as calls between D.D.A. and another female, from November 17, 2010 through December 14, 2010 revealed that the defendant had been engaged in an intimate relationship with D.D.A., and that the defendant was pregnant with D.D.A.'s baby. A search of D.D.A.'s cell revealed photos of the defendant, letters from the defendant and an ultrasound photo of a fetus. N.C.C., a nurse who worked with the defendant, reported to corrections staff on December 4, 2010, that she had received a text message from the defendant indicating that D.D.A. was the father of her unborn baby.

In December, Bayport police learned that Lerro-Miller had suffered a miscarriage. DNA samples confirmed that the inmate was the father.

Lerro-Miller was charged with two felony counts of criminal sexual conduct for having sex with an inmate at the facility where she worked.

In interviews with police, Lerro-Miller allegedly admitted that she had been warned against this behavior in her training.

"Correct," she told police. "You never think it's going to happen to you."

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