You've gotta see this bro-larious ad for swanky Uptown condo [VIDEO]

Bro jokes aside, there's no denying this dude has phenomenal abs.

Bro jokes aside, there's no denying this dude has phenomenal abs.

:::: UPDATE :::: Seth Nelson, aka "Dollar Store Ryan Gosling," on viral Uptown condo video: Haters gonna hate

EdgeWater 503's ad for its condo building at 1805 Lake Street West looks and sounds hilariously like the opening scenes of a softcore porno.

It isn't new -- the clip was uploaded to YouTube last November -- but it somehow flew beneath the radar before being brought to the broader Twittersphere's attention by our top tweeter during a discussion of Minneapolis's luxury apartment boom last Friday.

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Wanna spend your days working out and washing your hot abs? Your nights mixing cocktails, then downing them while wistfully gazing at the sunset over Lake Calhoun before heading out for more drinks with an attractive blonde you've kept waiting for an unaccountable length of time at a fancy Uptown bar? (You bring her back home with you later, of course.) If that sounds good and you have upwards of a half-million bucks to spend, then EdgeWater is your place!

We really can't crack funnier jokes about the video than Steve Neuman does over at MinnPost, where he describes the bro-tagonist as "Dollar Store Ryan Gosling" and quips, "The journey to hosting 'Wake Up Eau Claire!' in 2019 begins with a single step, DSRG."

Without further ado, here's the video:

Unfortunately, EdgeWater's website indicates all units in the building have been sold. (Correction: The unit featured in the ad, unit 503, is still for sale. Read more about it here.) Here are the prices for the last five units that were snapped up:

All that money for a condo and yet he doesn't call a cab to drive his buzzed ass from Lake Calhoun to and from Uptown? What gives, DSRG?

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