Youth Hockey Hub Web Site Prospects Minnesota Kids Playing in Squirts and Pee Wees

Emails poured in as a result of CityPages' two-part series on Minnesota youth hockey.

Among them was a tip from a reader who told us to check out a "sick and weird web site" called Youth Hockey Hub.

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The web site, which is announced as in the "youth shall be served" business, includes free scores, standings, and rankings for teams playing at levels from squirts to bantams, pee wees to under age 10.

The offerings also include video footage and a "PROSPECTS" section. However, in order to gain entrance to this exclusive content, visitors must purchase an annual subscription at $13.95 or fork out $6.95 for monthly access.

According to YHH's web site, paying customers will score "premium content... to: All Live Broadcasts of Games streamed on YHH; Unlimited viewing of Replays of broadcasted games; Premium content such as Now Prospects, Top MN Players by Birth Year, and other Exclusive YHH Stories."

This exclusive information includes scouting on players as young as age 9.

According to a second CityPages' emailer familiar with the site, YHH has "the top 50 squirt players of the year listed as finalists" and also "names a player of the year for squirts, peewees, and bantams."

YHH is the brainchild of Tony Zosel, who writes under the pseudonym Tony Scott.

Youth Hockey Hub started in October 2011. It had 12,000 visitors its first month, according to company literature. Last year, the site grossed about three million page views.

In a past interview, Zosel said he took to writing about young players because "I noticed there was no one doing what I wanted to do or what I wanted as a youth hockey parent."

That coverage has apparently evolved into evaluating the skill sets of Minnesota players so young they look to Sponge Bob as an American hero.

When reached by phone this morning, Zosel deferred all questions to a later time.

Stay tuned.

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