Your downtown parking pass may be revoked, resold for Super Bowl

Another small indignity: The city is reselling your parking pass on Super Bowl Sunday, meaning you'll have to pay again if you want to come downtown.

Another small indignity: The city is reselling your parking pass on Super Bowl Sunday, meaning you'll have to pay again if you want to come downtown. Google

So you're a commuter from someplace like St. Louis Park or the Brooklyns. You've paid by the month to have a designated parking spot downtown so you don't have to play musical chairs up and down Second Avenue eight hours a day. You've even shelled out for all-access, because sometimes you work at night, or you come in on weekends, or you need someplace close to the light rail to dump your car while you're away on a business trip.

You're set for the Super Bowl, right? While all these poor plebeians are getting barred from the trains and shooed onto buses, you have the pre-paid privelege of loading up your car with all your friends and bringing them straight into the heart of the madness without all that traffic-throttling security.

And if you plan to actually avoid downtown like the plague on Super Bowl Sunday, you could even lease your parking card and make back half the price of a monthly pass in one day. Folks are talking about it. Some have already listed their spots on StubHub.

Not so fast.

The city of Minneapolis' parking services warned you in November that private parking lots and ramps may kick out their regular customers to make space for Super Bowl events. But what they didn't mention was that city-owned ramps are doing the same thing: cancelling your pre-paid service for the day and reselling it to Super Bowl fans for an extra buck.

Ramps A (101 9th St. N.), B (516 2nd Ave. N.), and C (318 2nd Ave. N.) will be closed to normal operations on February 4, according to notices put up last week.

Got a monthly pass? Still out of luck -- unless you pay more for an individual ticket. Spots are being resold at

It might not be the biggest injustice in the world, but it still pisses off contract parkers.

"My issue is if I wanted to come downtown on Super Bowl Sunday and join in the festivities, I can't use the pass that I've already paid for," says one man who parks in Ramp C. "I'd have to pay another fee on top of that. I think it's double dipping on their behalf."

A city spokesperson declined to comment, saying that more information will be released next week.


The city announced on January 10 that in addition to the ACB Ramps, contract parking will not be honored at these municipal facilities on February 4:

· Jerry Haaf Memorial Ramp, 424 S. Fourth St.
· Leamington, 1001 Second Ave. S.
· Mill Quarter, 711 Second St. S.
· Riverfront, 212 Ninth Ave. S.
· 10th & Hennepin, 935 Hennepin Ave.

It will be allowed as usual at these facilities:

· Hawthorne Transportation Center, 31 N. Ninth St.
· LaSalle at 10th, 915 LaSalle Ave.
· Vineland, 727 Vineland Place.
· 11th Street Underground (Hilton), 168 S. 11th St.
· 11th & Marquette (Orchestra Hall), 1111 Marquette Ave.

The Convention Center Plaza ramp won't be available for public parking from January 26 to February 4.