"You people sicken me," welfare recipient tells critics: Comment of the day

Comment of the day: Ease up on the hate for welfare recipients.

Comment of the day: Ease up on the hate for welfare recipients.

We wrote recently about Minnesota Republicans pushing a bill that would prohibit people who use EBT cards--government assistance on plastic--from withdrawing cash at ATMs with the cards, except for $20 per month.

Comments below that post devolved into an open-season attack on welfare recipients, to which Lisa replied: "You people sicken me. Newsflash: We as a country are just starting to recover from a painful recession in which many people lost both homes and jobs."


Some people lost everything, and you jerks would begrudge them using the safety net because a few folks take advantage of the system.

Full disclosure: I'm 30, have earned my BA, and worked since I was 15, including full-time while also a full-time student. I paid taxes the entire time. Had my first child when I was 28, left my job to move back home and have my baby. Right when I did so, the recession hit hard, and eventually I had to go on public assistance.

What kills me is that you folks act like getting public assistance is somehow living the sweet life. The food allocation is sufficient, but the cash assistance is utterly paltry. Here in MI, you get less than $500 a month. Don't get me wrong, I was grateful to get it, but try paying rent, heat, lights, buy clothes, and gas/bus pass with $500 a month.

Are welfare recipients really just freeloaders and parasites? Let us know in the comments.