You need to see what this morning's fog looked like from the air [PHOTOS]

Not long after he took this photo of Minneapolis under dense fog, Nick Magrino got some Dunkin' Donuts.

Not long after he took this photo of Minneapolis under dense fog, Nick Magrino got some Dunkin' Donuts.

 Minneapolis woke up to an eerie scene that looked like something straight out of a movie thriller.

Or "Thriller." Like, the part where Michael Jackson starts acting weird, and Vincent Price chimes in to rap a spooky little song. 

Thick fog blanketed much of the metro throughout the morning, limiting visibility to individual blocks, if that, and obscuring the whole of the city's downtown skyline from anyone looking that direction. 

Unless you happened to be looking down at it. From there, the scene was no nightmare. More like a fantasy artist's dream.

Nick Magrino got up at 5:00 a.m. this morning to leave Philadelphia, where he'd been visiting his boyfriend for the weekend. Magrino, a 26-year-old civil servant, spent the flight home passing time with games on his phone. As he approached Minneapolis-St. Paul, he took a look out the window.

"I was hoping to get a cool view," he says. "And, well, I got a pretty cool view."

That very view made for some spectacular photos, but tricky flying: Magrino reports his pilot approached the cloud-drenched airport area once, then pulled up, climbing again to circle the city for another pass. This didn't bother Magrino, a comfortable flier -- "they've got machines for that... right?" Magrino says -- and only gave him more time to snap photos.

Once they did land, Magrino exited the plane to notice that new University of Minnesota Gophers football coach P.J. Fleck was waiting to take off from the same gate. Magrino recognized him, said hello, and Fleck responded in kind.

Before leaving the airport, Magrino grabbed a box of Dunkin' Donuts for his office. "What a morning," he tweeted.

He also tweeted several of the photos he took during his descent. They're a hit, on Twitter, and Magrino, who's lived in Minneapolis since 2008, has a pretty good idea why.

"I fly a decent amount, and I don't think I've ever seen something like that," he says. "I like the skyline here. We've got a nice skyline for kind of a smaller city. And it looked pretty."