You meet the nicest people when you write about white supremacists

“I hope your whole family gets murdered,” reads a thoughtful note from reader Dan Perissinotto.

“I hope your whole family gets murdered,” reads a thoughtful note from reader Dan Perissinotto. Wikimedia

Earlier this week, City Pages wrote about Identity Evropa, a “fraternal organization for people of European heritage” that “participates in community building and civic engagement.”

Think of them as a scholarly version of the Republican Party, fighting off the yoke of oppression that has left white people in the shadows of American life – in charge of everything, but feeling really unappreciated.

Just before Christmas, the group built a shrine to Justine Damond outside the Minneapolis 5th police precinct. It was designed to raise awareness of the lack of prosecution in the death of Damond, who was mistakenly shot in July by officer Mohamed Noor.

After our story ran, Identity Evropa supporters filled City Pages’ mailbag with thoughtful missives. Though they often get a bad rap, the letters show a kinder, gentler side rarely revealed by the biased, liberal, mainstream media. Their supremeness is evident.

Take Dan Perissinotto, who offered wishes of familial cheer for the holiday season:

“You're a hack scumbag. I hope your whole family gets murdered.”

Then there was someone who goes by the “Driller Killer,” no doubt a kindly dentist who spends his vacations in Haiti treating the gum disease of the poor:

“Holy shit, you are one sick kike!” he wrote.

Eric Tasaico maintained this theme of holiday inclusiveness, ensuring a shout-out to our Hebrew brothers and sisters, to whom we owe so much:

“Hey jew,

“You like foreign invaders and apes killing White people, don't you?

“Keep talking, kike.”

But the most gracious note came all the way from J.A. Young Concrete in Auckland, New Zealand.

You are an absolute disgrace, celebrating the destruction of a memorial to a dead woman. You value Somalian scum and Antifa over an innocent white woman.

Would your response be the same if the roles were reversed, say a black woman shot by a white cop and a memorial by BLM? ???

Of course not you hypocritical piece of shit. I look forward to your response.