You can't park like that!

This Smart car's owner couldn't be bothered to ... turn a little to the left.

This Smart car's owner couldn't be bothered to ... turn a little to the left. Clare Kennedy

Those itsy-bitsy Smart cars have a few features to draw in new owners. 

They're great on gas mileage and, therefore, the environment. If yours gets stuck, you can just pick it up and move it to somewhere else. You feel European. 

But, really, honestly? Parking. Parking is why you buy one of these. In England, they've decided you can stick your Smart car perpendicular, facing the curb. America's a little behind on that front, but still, parallel parking one of these lunchboxes is a breeze. 

Pulling one into a regulation parking space ought to be even easier. That's why this incident Finance & Commerce reporter Clare Kennedy documented Wednesday morning is so upsetting. 

As Kennedy strode past a lot on 9th Street and 5th Avenue in downtown Minneapolis, she stopped to take note of this egregious violation of municipal parking restrictions and common sense. 



How much time did this save the driver? Ten seconds? How did he or she feel walking away from this miniature crime scene? Did they try hiding their identity by covering up with undersized sunglasses and a very little hat?

When a Twitter commenter suggested the parker in question was "compensating" for something, Kennedy replied, "Whoever they are, they have some serious chutzpah." 

And now they have fewer dollars to buy tiny, shame-hiding disguises: Kennedy reports the car's hood had a ticket on it at the time she passed by.

Perhaps the owner takes things too literally. Just because they say this car is easy to park, and can fit just about anywhere, doesn't mean you can leave it wherever you happen to hit the brakes. And just because your car is called Smart doesn't mean people will say the same about you.