You Can Buy a Jar of Historic Metrodome Garbage for Only $5

"It's a nice conversation piece"

"It's a nice conversation piece"

Looking for the perfect gift for the massive sports rube in your family? This weekend at TwinsFest Nick Vetter and Joel Bradley will be selling jars of "Domepourri" containing ground-up bits of the demolished Metrodome.

"It's a nice conversation piece and we think it will bring smiles to a lot of faces," said Vetter. "A lot of people have a lot of great memories from the Dome."

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The duo did manage to snag a comprehensive array of Metrodome artifacts: both types of turf and the accompanying turf pellets, bits of a seat, including part of a cup holder and a washer, nut, and bolt, a chunk of concrete from the concourse, a strip of a ticket, and a small piece of the infamous collapsed roof.

All that's missing is a piece of one of the urinal troughs, and maybe a strip of the right field baggie.

A 4-ounce acrylic jar is priced at $5 and an 8-ounce premium glass jar version is going for $15 at TwinsFest, which happening all weekend at Target Field. If you buy online prices go up a bit.


The duo bought up all sorts of pieces the Metrodome when it was being dismantled last winter. The impulse stemmed naturally out of their business selling novelty Minnesota sports t-shirts and memorabilia.

"Basically, we have a lot of scraps left over from the Metrodome and we were just joking around one night when we said, 'What if we just threw it all in a jar?'" said Vetter. "We never say that we loved the Dome or hated the Dome, but I think people appreciate it for what it was."

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