You Brettcha, Inc.: Vikings fans register Favre-inspired pun as non-profit corporation


It started as what is either the best or worst Brett Favre-inspired pun to ever grace a digital billboard. Now it's a registered corporate entity.

As we wrote a couple weeks back, Minneapolis DJ Jay Tappe began soliciting donations from dejected Vikings fans almost immediately after the purple-and-gold imploded against the Saints in the NFC Championship. The goal: put up a billboard pleading Brett Favre to give it one more go. Word quickly spread through Facebook, and the group collected enough cash to buy two weeks' worth of billboard space in Favre's hometown.

"Hey #4, do Minnesota fans love you and want back next year?" reads the display. The answer in gold reads, "You Brettcha!"

The last two words are now the official namesake of a non-profit start-up. You Brettcha proceeds will to Deanna Favre's Hope Foundation, a charity focused on breast cancer.

"Hopefully we can use it on merchandise, t-shirts, bumperstickers, and merchandise," says Tappe, who registered the name with the state government last week. "If we win the Super Bowl, it would be a huge branding opportunity."

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