You be da (wo)man! Steele stands up for Bachmann


Using embarrassing broken English shouldn't stop one Republican from loving another.

Republican National Chairman Michael Steele is standing up for Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-You Be Da Man) and her amendment to block public funding from groups under indictment, says Politico.

The amendment primarily targets ACORN, which has become a giant punching bag for the Republicans.

More from Politico:
"Michele Bachmann's amendment to block indicted organizations from collecting more public funding passed unanimously through the U.S. House Financial Services Committee," Steele wrote in an e-mail fundraising appeal.

"But now, Committee Chairman Barney Frank, far-left Democrat from Massachusetts, has decided he made a mistake by supporting the amendment and will now offer his own amendment to restore ACORN's opportunity of receiving billions of taxpayer dollars," Steele added. "Since ACORN's efforts are all about electing leftist Democrats like himself, why would Frank want them to go unrewarded?"

Bachmann was on Glenn Beck's Fox News show Wednesday discussing the ACORN controversy.

And in case you forgot about her epic "You be da man!" moment: