Yo-Pros in Scott County are rich as hell


Scott County, home of the Elko Speedway, Mystic Lake Casino and Canterbury Park, now holds the distinction of being a hot bed for rich Yo-Pros. (That's Young Professionals for our one elderly reader.) It comes in at #9 in a recent ranking done by Nielsen.

Of course, those boat-shoe wearing assholes over in D.C. get the top spot. But it costs $6.50 for a decent pint of beer in that city, so you know the study didn't take into account the overall shittyness of living in the places they list.

Anyways, here is the Top 10 Counties filled with Yo-Pros making 100k or more annually:

1     Loudoun County, DC    

2     Arlington County, DC   

3     San Francisco County, CA  

4     New York County, NY   

5     Douglas County, CO    

6     Forsyth County, GA   

7     Alexandria City, DC   

8     Delaware County, OH    

9     Scott County, MN   

10     Broomfield County, CO

And if you're curious about what the D.C. scene is like (minus the awesome go-go style) watch below: