Yo Adrian! T-Paw says he's Rocky Balboa [VIDEO]

The real Italian Stallion
The real Italian Stallion

Tim Pawlenty made another trip to New Hampshire over the weekend, putting in an appearance at a Republican picnic, laying the groundwork for his I-haven't-decided-whether-to-run presidential campaign. And he told a funny story: He's Rocky Balboa -- the Italian Stallion.

As the locals noshed, he related a story about not wanting to run for governor at the end of Jesse Ventura's second term in 2002.

"It's time to move on," he told his wife. "Mary came across the room. She grabbed me by the lapels, literally, and looked at me. She said, "You can't quit!"

(The trumpets sound. T-Paw yanks on his running sweats. He heads for the steps at the Capitol in St. Paul.)

"You can't quit! Everything we've worked for. Everything we stand for!"

(Growing strong now!)

"You've gotta get in there and fight! You've gotta move forward for Minnesota and for the conservative cause!"

(Won't be long now!)

I thought, wow," T-Paw tells the smiling New Hampshire folk, "I'm Rocky Balboa!"

(Yo Adrian!)

It's a great line. The crowd laughs. Here's the video.

And here's Sly:

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