Yes, Somalis will get extra airport security screenings

Yes, Somalis will get extra airport security screenings
Photo: Mike Licht/Flickr

We've wondered about it for a week now, after the failure of the crotch bomber on Christmas Day to bring down a Nortwest Airlines flight, and now it appears confirmed: Somalis will get heavier airport security screenings.

That's likely going to make for slower airline travel for Somalis in the Twin Cities, which has one of the heaviest concentrations of Somali immigrants in the United States.

The would-be crotch bomber, who lit an explosive device concealed in a pair of underpants only to suffer burns before being subdued by passengers, is a Nigerian who boarded a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit.

But the AP reported on Dec. 30 that a Somali man was apprehended in November at the Mogadishu airport carrying the same items that the Christmas crotch bomber managed to sneak through security. That suspect was headed for Dubai.

The New York Times is also reporting that Somali terrorists had planned to strike Barack Obama's presidential inauguration ceremony.

According to the New York Times on Sunday,

Citizens of Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria -- countries that are considered "state sponsors of terrorism" -- as well as those from "countries of interest" -- including Afghanistan, Algeria, Lebanon, Libya, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Yemen -- will face the special scrutiny, officials said.

Heres' White House video of Obama discussing the failed Christmas Day attack, and measures being undertaken to avoid similar terrorist efforts in the future (transcript here):

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