WTF: Wis. might allow NFL teams to run red lights en route to Lambeau


If you ever wondered what's really wrong with Wisconsin, apparently you can look straight to their elected representatives to answer the question. The Wisconsin Senate is considering a bill that would allow NFL teams to run red lights to get to Lambeau Field in Green Bay.

Now funerals, cops, and NFL teams could have the same rights on the streets. Ironic? No way. Anyone ever considered just leaving in a timely manner like the rest of us?

Unfortunately they won't be speeding through lights on their own. The proposed legislation would permit police to escort NFL teams through red lights in a procession. The police and the hotel that traditionally houses the Packer's opponents asked for the bill. Why does the hotel care? It makes their visitors happier and reminds them to keep coming back. Smart move.

The state Assembly already approved the bill this summer. Expect the state Senate to look at it Tuesday. And expect lots of other "special people" to request being above certain traffic rules too.