WTF: Minneapolis won't allow you to drink outdoors standing up


We can find countless reasons why Minneapolis and Minnesota need to seriously update their liquor laws. But this one just blows our mind. A current Minneapolis ordinance doesn't allow restaurant or bar patrons to drink standing up if they are on an outdoor deck or patio.

We know the combo of holding yourself upright and drinking an alcoholic beverage is a tough one for many, but a person's lack of balance doesn't get worse when they step outside.

The ordinance doesn't apply to downtown, but it probably should as we watch drunk ladies wobble in their too-high heels. The ordinance is actually meant to limit noise and disturbance to neighbors by limiting how many people are in the outdoor space.

Lately city inspectors have been cracking down on bar and restaurant owners, but the Minneapolis City Council will hear an attempt to change that ordinance September 23.

More from WCCO:
A 20-year-old ordinance prohibits patrons on outdoor patios or sidewalk cafes from drinking alcohol if they are not seated at a table.

Lush restaurant, with its outdoor patio, in northeast Minneapolis opened just a month ago.

"We have some seating over here that we actually dinner and drinks to and a lot of people like to wander out and have a cigarette and kind of stand," said Lush owner Ty Hoffman.

Cowboy Slims, in Uptown, also got a warning for customers standing and drinking on the deck.

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